Talks About Various Batteries of V2 Cigs provides information to the e smokers about the different types of batteries offered by V2 Cigs.
(EMAILWIRE.COM, July 28, 2012 ) Dallas, TX — discusses about the different types of batteries provided by V2 Cigs. The brand offers batteries in three sizes namely V2 Shorty Cig, V2 Standard Cig and V2 Long Cig. All the batteries are equally efficient and provide a great throat hit. The only difference is in the size and eventually the number of puffs. Experts say that the brand has introduced batteries in different sizes for the choice and convenience of the customers. A person can select the batteries in manual and automatic mode and in four different colors such as Classic white with red LED, Sleek black with red or blue LED, Stainless Steel with blue LED and Metallic blue with white LED. With V2 Cigs, customers can select the electronic cigarette battery in own choice of size as per comfort.

According to the electronic cigarette review, the V2 Shorty Cig is very handy in style and looks. It is the shortest battery of the brand and is just a little longer than a regular cigarette. An e smoker can enjoy more than 160 puffs and the battery takes around two hours to get fully charged. The length of the battery is 100 mm with cartridge and battery rating is 150 mAh. One of the customers using the V2 Shorty said “V2 has the best batteries by far. I’ve tried quite a few and these last the longest. I love the shorty battery. I also find that I prefer the automatic instead of the manual. I have all of the colors!! The black is my favorite though. It looks the sleekest.”

As the name itself explains V2 Standard Cig is the standard sized e cigarette battery of the brand that is 110 mm with cartridge. The battery rating is 250 mAh and takes around two to three hours to fully charge. The battery offers more than 200 puffs to a smoker before requiring a recharge. “I enjoy the standard batteries. They’re not too long, nor too short. Battery life normally lasts me all day at work. When I get home I switch out for another one that will last me for the rest of the day. It is as easy as that,” said one of the customers.

Reviews explain that one can smoke the electronic cigarettes for a longer time with the V2 Long Cig providing more than 300 puffs to a smoker. The battery requires around four hours to get fully charged and is 140 mm long with the cartridge. The battery is a bit longer in size to the 100 style cigarette with a rating of 380 mAh. A customer said “I wanted an even longer lasting batter. They are so elegant and long lasting. The black takes me back to the 1920’s, when cigarette holders were glamorous.”


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